We have inherited the soil from our parents and we will pass it on to our children, but how do you think our children should have the soil handed? We have clear position on this at Marienlyst. Originally the soil was cultivated without any use of chemicals and artificial pesticides – and this is exactly how we wish to hand down our most important ressource.

Saturated microorganisms provides healthy roots 
A vibrant and rich soil is a crucial precondition for us to grow healthy root crops. When we cultivate organically at Marienlyst, we fertilize the soil by adding life through organic material, which is nourishment for the soils microorganisms. The grandest task for the microorganisms, is then to transform the organic material to plant nutrients and to release important minerals from the soil particles, which our root crops absorb and pass on tou you.

There are millions of microorganisms in each square centimeter of a vibrant and healthy soil, in order to keep the balance between the good and the harmful organisms in check, we need to treat the soil with care. That is what we do with Ecology.
Leguminous plants as fertilizer
Each year we sow leguminous plants in approximately 20 % of our fields. We do it because the leguminous plants has a speacial ability to absorb nitrogen – directly from the air – and this can become significant amounts in one season. The idea is that we plow the nitrogen filled leguminous plants into the soil, so they will provide nourishment for the root crops, which we sow on the field the following spring. In this way the leguminous plants work as a natural fertilizer.
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